Our audit activities increase certainty to your financial statement or financial accounting. In addition to the legal requirement of accountant audit for all companies that do not satisfy the criteria for small businesses, this certainty is often also desired by financiers, participants and the entrepreneur himself/herself.

We carry out our audit work with a risk orientation according to a standard methodology that is applied by all members of the PKF worldwide network. For this purpose, we use state-of-the-art software that guarantees a high degree of efficiency.

Our risk-oriented approach identifies risks relevant for the financial accounting of your business activities and we analyse the manner in which you manage these risks. We also evaluate the design and operation of the major procedures and the reliability and continuity of the ICT systems. We review the management reports and evaluate their content and quality. We also determine whether the relevant legislation and regulations are satisfied.

We record the result of our work in an audit statement. We also send a management letter to you and an accountants' report to the supervisory body such as the Supervisory Board.