Other assurance

Audit report for subsidy accounting

Institutions that grant subsidies set requirements on the expenditures and accountability of the subsidies provided. They often request an audit report from an accountant with the subsidy accounting to be submitted. The PKF Wallast accountants have wide experience with checking accountability of EU subsidies, subsidies from the Dutch governments and subsidies from other institutions that grant subsidies.

Assurance reports

Non-financial accountability or information oriented to the future can be examined whereby a so-called assurance report will be issued. Such reports will be requested of you mainly by third parties and can, for example, regard editions or number of members, forecasts and compliance with legislation and regulations. We would be happy to provide service to you in such cases.

Pre-audit services and IFRS support

Based on prohibitory provisions in the independence regulation for accountants, an accountant who is to perform the financial statement audit cannot provide certain services to you. In particular, these rules apply to audits at organisations of public interest, but can also apply for organisations that are part of an international group of enterprises. PKF Wallast can then assist you in formulating the financial statement, preparing the information to be provided to the audit accountant and providing the support in IFRS issues and IFRS implementations.

PKF Wallast employs IFRS experts with knowledge of your industry and experience with IFRS projects. In addition to technical support, we can also ensure that your personnel are sufficiently trained in order to be work later with IFRS themselves. Moreover, we link our industry knowledge to our expertise in the areas of IFRS, taxes, accountancy and valuation.