Salary administration and HR support

Salary administration

Are your hands full with salary administration? Regulations change continuously and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the changes. For us, this is our daily bread. We can check your salary administration on a periodic basis or provide it for you completely. We do this online, so it is very efficient and comprehensible.

HR support

Our organisation is not only specialised in fiscal and financial services. We also have an effective (electronic) solution for your HR issues.

In close collaboration with external partners, we offer you support and advice in terms of execution/administration, as well as policy. Our service is automated for the most part. So you can electronically receive, review and approve documents on our online client portal. We also offer you a modern, user-friendly online HRM & Payroll solution with our software for ­salary and personnel administration.

Our HR Support Team consists of a small group of involved employees with knowledge, experience and access to an expanded network of external experts. As a result, we can optimally adapt to your needs and relieve you of this worry.