Business economic advice

As an entrepreneur of an SME (small and medium enterprise), you want to direct your company and maintain and bring it ‘in control'. Simple supervision is no longer sufficient. PKF Wallast specialises in business economic consulting. Our service focuses on informing you, as entrepreneur, as well as possible.

Management reports

Our advisers discuss with you what information you need in order to enable you to direct the business properly. We provide you with our knowledge and experience in order to produce a balanced and reliable management report. Using this report, you can see at a glance when there are deviations in trends or there are significant changes. We pay particular attention to the development of business-specific key figures and ratios.


The entrepreneur who has a vision of his/her company, on the basis of which he/she created a multiple year budget, will make a budget every year. Task-based, so there is a clear view and direction of the goals. Our staff supports you in setting up the budgeting process and with the actual setting of the budget.

Liquidity forecasts

As the final piece of desired business economic information, we make a liquidity forecast in collaboration with you. Based on the monthly management reports and the established budget, a forecast is created of the expected cash flows for a specific period, usually for the next 12 months.

Valuable information about your organisation, through which we can advise you about possible improvements within your company. For example, guiding financial issues regarding share valuation, succession and restructuring.