Business Valuation and Corporate Finance

PKF Wallast has a group of experts specialised in corporate finance and business valuation.

Entrepreneurs have a need, particularly with mergers, business acquisitions, business succession, financing structures around succession and tax structuring, for guidance and support that goes beyond just a valuation report.

The PKF Wallast corporate finance specialists are highly educated and are usually not only a registered accountant, but also a tax specialist. As a result, they can provide optimal and efficient guidance in this important aspect. The valuation of an enterprise and the creation of value are not just concerns when there is a possible sale/transfer, but are a part of the daily considerations regarding how to get the best return from the company.

Our contact persons are:

PKF Wallast Amsterdam: H. (Eric) Gort RA RV
PKF Wallast Delft: mr. drs. R.T.E. (René) van Dijk RA RV & W.J. (Joy) van der Veer MSc MBV MiF AA RV
PKF Wallast Rotterdam: mr. drs. J.P. (Hans) Vogelaar RV
PKF Wallast Woerden: M.G.L. (Marcel) Walraven RA