Due diligence investigations

Due diligence

Our clients are entrepreneurial. This means that they are also buying and selling enterprises. Here they need expert support in order to get a clear picture of what they are purchasing or, when selling, to create conditions as favourable as possible for a good result.  For this purpose, a so-called due diligence investigation is performed. The PKF Wallast advisers have considerable experience in this area and fulfil this role enthusiastically.

Vendor due diligence

Do you plan on selling your company or a part of it? Then of course you want to know in advance how you can get the highest price and the best conditions. We conduct an investigation that results in a report for you, for the potential buyers or both. A report for the potential buyers can limit their investigation work, resulting in a more efficient sales process. In consultation with you, we look in the investigation mainly at the perspectives for the future; financially, commercially and operationally. The legal structure and all the fiscal aspects are also addressed. The investigation can result in an information memorandum for potential buyers.

Due diligence for acquisition of an enterprise

When you are considering acquisition of an enterprise or the shares in an enterprise, it is important for you to know whether you are making the right choice. With that you can avoid purchasing the familiar ‘pig in a poke' and you can better weigh the asking or offered price. We can help you here by conducting an investigation into the enterprise to be purchased. This investigation focuses on the financial situation, in the past as well as in the future, where the commercial and organisational circumstances are also involved. Our advisers also look at relevant fiscal aspects regarding, for example, corporate tax, payroll tax and social charges, and sales tax. It is precisely the versatility of the PKF Wallast advisers that ensures the integration of the different investigative areas. We work with a compact, agile team. Risks and critical success factors of the company to be acquired are identified and our analyses indicate how and to what extent the investment can provide return and in what way this contributes to the success of your total enterprise. Our Business Valuators can, based on the information collected and observations, form an opinion about the value and the price of the enterprise to be acquired. Results from the due diligence can lead to refraining from the purchase, adjusting the price and/or terms and conditions and incorporating identified risks in the guarantees to be provided by the seller. But the investigation can also indicate that it is a good buy.