Tax returns, objections and appeal

We take care of all sorts of tax returns. As part of our integrated services the return is often the tailpiece of an advice process. The tax return comprises the result of our advice. 

Suppose that the Tax Authorities do not agree with the filed return, then what? In those (rare) instances we take care of the objection proceedings and the possible legal steps after that. Where possible we avoid the route to the court by agreeing on an amicable settlement. In practice we often manage to accomplish a satisfying result.   

If you are dealing with a tax audit then we are pleased to inform you of your rights and obligations. It goes without saying that our expert advisers can assist you to ensure that the audit process proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our expertise

  • Preparation of all sorts of tax returns
  • Taking care of objection and appeal proceedings
  • Assistance during tax audits