Taxation of businesses

Taxation is an important item for all entrepreneurs. Whether it regards the financing of subsidiaries, the optimal utilisation of tax innovation schemes, or the optimal remuneration of your employees from a tax perspective, the financial interests are always substantial. Proper tax advice ensures that all possibilities are utilised and the payable taxes are as low as possible Thanks to regular contact we stay abreast of the latest state of affairs within your business and the tax steering can always optimally be geared to this. This way opportunities are utilised to the maximum and tax ‘accidents’ are avoided. Moreover, many entrepreneurs do not want any ‘hassle’ with the Tax Authorities and therefore opt for a transparent relationship with the Tax Authorities in the form of horizontal supervision. 

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Our expertise

  • Tax structuring
  • Financing within the group
  • Tax stimulation of innovation
  • Tax accounting
  • Employee participation
  • Taxation of employees
  • Horizontal supervision and tax rulings