PKF internationally

In order to also provide optimal service regarding international business operations, we are part of PKF International Limited*.

PKF is a worldwide network of legally independent offices, joined by a common dedication and responsibility for quality, integrity and the creation of clarity in complex regulations.

With offices in 440 cities, in 150 countries distributed over five continents, we specialise in high quality auditing, accounting, tax advice and business consulting to international and national companies in all our markets.

PKF International Limited has total sales of $2.52 billion. The network is member of the ‘Forum of Firms‘ - an organisation dedicated to consistent and high quality standards for financial reporting and audit practices worldwide.

Why choose PKF?

PKF members all over the world offer a broad range of business consulting and accountancy services that meet the needs of individual clients in their local markets. When you work with a member of PKF, you can be sure that the work is performed by dedicated professionals with international expertise. PKF members provide not only services and sector specialists in their own market, but can also support you internationally via their relationships with other members in the network.


*PKF International Limited is a network of legally independent member firms. PKF International Limited does not accept any responsibility or liability for the actions or inactions on the part of any individual member firms or firms. Individual member firms do not accept responsibility or liability for actions or inactions on the part of any other individual member firm or firms.