Quality Policy

We offer our clients high quality service. We constantly invest in the professional knowledge of our employees and continually monitor whether our system of quality policy and quality management is achieved. The ‘Code of Conduct’ is central to this purpose. This code contains rules and allows people to address each other with regard to behaviour. The major core values are: integrity, objectivity, professional expertise, accuracy, confidentiality and professional conduct.

Complaints Procedure

Do you have suggestions for improving our service? Or do you want to report (alleged) abuses? Then you can use our complaints procedure.

Terms and conditions of service

PKF Wallast is a partnership of private limited companies. For international practice, we are part of PKF International Limited, an alliance of legally independent offices. The PKF Wallast partnership is the only customer of all the work. Our General Terms and Conditions, as filed with the Court in The Hague on 1 July 2011 under number 52/2011, apply to all assignments. Limitation of the liability is incorporated in these terms and conditions. With the exception of assignments examining the financial statements, as specified in Article 2:393 Dutch Civil Code, the PKF Wallast partnership does not accept any liability for the use of PKF Wallast expressions by third parties.